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Manufactured in France the steel skid mounted Mud Logging units are equipped with one door, one escape hatch and one window with DNV A0 2.7.1 norm, all of which comply with the worldwide mechanics and climatic specifications in the oil industry.

The inside unit is modular with a working area for the Wellsite Geologist or Company Man, a geological area to process the cuttings, and a control area for the technical equipment, sliding rack- mounted for easy calibration and maintenance.
Inside temperature is regulated and controlled by a double A/C.

All certified specifications as required are proposed :
Dimensions : 9,00 m x 2,90 m x 2,80 m
Weight : 12,0 Tons 



Unit #G608 in Roanne, June 2009

  • External construction with 4 mm corrugated steel wall and 6 mm flat plate roof.
  • Four top corners fitted with pad eyes for crane loading.
  • Four bottom corners fitted with pad eyes for ISO sea freight or overland haulage.
  • Fork lift pockets for loading.
  • Emergency escape hatch.
  • Explosion proof multi cable transit frame for internal cable access.
  • Walls and roof insulated with 80 mm rock wool non flammable insulation.
  • Internal walls and roof lined with 18 mm MFC.
  • Certified explosion proof blower Motor c/w.
  • Plastic radial fan, flame proof motor (EExd).


Support Container


  • Mud Logging equipment spares and supplies for safe and continuous operation will be available on location.
  • Ocean Freight Support Container for consumables, equipment spares and gases at Wellsite will be provided by DIAMOCO


  • Unit is equipped with all required furniture, like desks, cupboards, chairs, armchairs, electrical hot water, sink, extinguishers, UPS,
  • Lab Power requirements: 220 / 380 / 440V, 3 phases, 50-60 Hz, 10 kVa
  • The unit is equipped with voltage, intensity and frequency indicators and is external sensors cabling have galvanic isolation.
  • The UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) maintains power to equipment for 20 minutes in case of power shutdown.
  • Multi-Station Telephone System with Explosion Proof Telephone.