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Drilling Fluids


SAGEMINES, a French company which provides innovative Drilling Fluids and Chemicals, has been bringing to the Oil and Gas Industry in Europe, Africa and Middle East, a consequential fluid engineering since 1998.

The company designs its own innovative and non-invasive fluids (ISODRILL™ System) for horizontal reservoir sections and Minerals re-cristallization System (CRISTAX™) or specific cross-link Polymers Systems (XS-20™)  for Total Losses Control. These systems are widely and successfully used in Europe, Africa and Middle East.

These new fluids improve the wells performance. SAGEMINES has all the fluids checked by its own Fluids and Drilling Engineers in its own Mud Lab,  before sending them out on site.

SAGEMINES provides Drilling Fluids such as :

  • Water Base Mud
  • Oil Base Mud
  • Mineral Oil Base Mud
  • Drillin' Fluid (ISODRILL™, Sized Carbonates System)
  • Sodic or Calcic saturated salt brine Mud
  • Complex Brine Mud
  • Inhibited Mud with PHPA and/or MMH
  • Completion Fluids
  • Specifics Fluids
  • Special Plugs, isolating and/or LCM solutions (CRISTAX™ Solution, Cross Link Polymer Plug XS-20™)
  • Hydraulics binders

SAGEMINES design its own rig units, able to perform all usual mud tests to control Drilling Fluids and/or completion, isolating solutions and/or LCM plug and also density and rheology of cement.