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Data Acquisition Systems

Measurement, Data Acquisition and Communication Systems :
Wide set of sensors (explosion proof) for the monitoring of rig parameters,
Constant Flow and Volume Gas Trap allowing gas detection and chromatographic analysis,
Acquisition and recording equipment,
A proprietary software, SUPERVISION, allowing rig data processing, visualisation, and output,
A telephone and computer network for information exchange and remote displays of rig parameters.
All critical equipments are powered through UPS. Organization of internal and external equipments is illustrated by the following diagram.


  • Office 2003 or Office 2007 / Vista for reporting,
  • "SUPERVISION V.8" Software, in-house designed, Data Acquisition, Process and Records of Sensors Signals and Gas Detection,
  • WINLOG or WELLCAD Software used for Mud Logs and Master Logs design.
  • One All-in-one and one roll Colour jet Printers.


DIAMOCO SURFACE LOGGING will provide one main workstation and one auxiliary workstation for the logging unit, four safe area workstations for wellsite offices.


The main SUPERVISION V.8 workstation system uses an industrial Hardened PC allowing a variety of PC compatible cards and peripherals to be used. The main workstation has a CORE 2 DUO with 3GB of memory. All computer equipment is PC compatible but is manufactured for industrial use. The industrial computers used by DIAMOCO SURFACE LOGGING are of a much higher quality than their domestic counterparts, have greater life expectancy and are designed for use in dust areas and have wide temperature specifications.

The main workstation and DAQ are powered by a true on-line uninterrupted power supply (UPS). If the power fails, complete monitoring continues for approximately twenty to thirty minutes totally uninterrupted, the actual time depends on the number of sensors and the number of peripherals attached.


Some auxiliary workstations are located in the mud logging cabin so that several people may independently use the system. Due to SUPERVISION V.8’s unique multi-task and distributed processing, the whole system is on-line and all programs and displays are available on all workstations at the same time.

These workstations are similar to the main workstation and share the same Hardware/software with both LINUX and XP installed, high resolution graphics monitor, RAID system, network adapter, serial ports, parallel ports and 1 TERRABYTE hard drive to backup data automatically from the main workstation. If the main workstation fails any of the other workstations will operate as the main workstation. Thus the system has always an automatic on-line backup.


Two workstations are proposed for wellsite offices in non hazardous areas. The workstations are networked computers which allow any authorised access to SUPERVISION V.8 system programs, analyses or databases and offer a wide range of options to the user including the complete freedom of choice over information display, units, and alarms. The workstations are racked computers - thus no area of desk space is wasted.


The printers are high resolution, inkjet colour printers with wide carriage allowing up to a 22 inches wide printing area.
The printers use ink jet technology. Logs can be printed on rolls or standard paper.
Report quality logs and charts are printed on high quality bond paper.

An all-in-one inkjet printer is provided for report printing, a roll printer can be used for mud log printing.



DIAMOCO SURFACE LOGGING has carried out a research into advanced software systems for drilling monitoring. The result of this research is one of the world's most advanced mud logging systems, called SUPERVISION V.8.

SUPERVISION V.8 uses one main computer workstation that performs all the data acquisition, analyses and output to other workstations. The other workstations are networked to the main workstation.

SUPERVISION V.8 is friendly to use with simple menu choices. Users simply point at selections. All information is confidentially held with secure password entry into SUPERVISION V.8 and file encryption for sensitive data. The system allows each user to configure the software to maximise its use.

SUPERVISION V.8 uses a windowing environment that is identical in operation to XP Windows. Users can have multiple windows open at the same time. For example, several different windows of real time plots can be seen at the same time as the user is viewing the real time drilling parameters screen.

SUPERVISION V.8 operates on the XP WINDOWS operating system and is:

* Multi-user
* Real time, high performance
* Multi-task and distributed processing

The XP WINDOWS operating system uses standard protocols such as TCP/IP and XP windows, allowing the SUPERVISION V.8 system to interface with other systems like LINUX.

To guarantee security and reliability, the original Database is duplicated on a Linux hardened system.
Users can be remote from the drilling site using the remote workstation. The remote workstation provides full access to the system remotely by TCP/IP.

The system can be configured to your exact requirements, for example the pit levels can be calculated up to 10 decimal places. Users have a selection of languages that the SUPERVISION V.8 system will communicate in, the system will interact entirely in the users selected language preference. English and French languages are among the languages supported.

Supervision Server V8 main view

The SUPERVISION V.8 system saves all parameters in two databases (time end depth base). The databases can be used for investigating notable occurrences on the rig or for comparisons between wells to optimize drilling rates. The database always contains the lag corrected data. Many of the parameters in the database are recalculated from existing data. Any parameter in the databases can be viewed directly or edited by all users, if they have permission. View the Parameter List for a complete list of all parameters in the time and depth databases.