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Health Safety Environment

Respect for the people and the environment is a permanent concern at all levels within the Company.
We give the highest priority to health, safety, and environment (HSE) when making business decisions:
therefore no business objective is so important that it will be pursued at the sacrifice of these three fundamental ambits.

The HSE performance is the cornerstone of the success of our business.

HSE risks and Impacts

Any Health and Safety hazards & risks as well as Environmental aspects and impacts arising from our activities, products, procedures and services is fully identified, assessed & prioritized and controlled.


   1. Comply with applicable legislation, regulations and relevant industry standards;
   2. Set up and regularly review health, safety and environment targets and objectives;
   3. Involve, motivate all employees and communicate them to respect all standards of health, safety and environment;
   4. Monitor the effects of our activities on environment and respect emissions, discharges, wastes, energy use...;
   5. Identify actions for future HSE performance improvement;
   6. Evaluate and control risks;
   7. Delay or stop activities where effective controls are not in place.

An incident or an accident is an unplanned and undesirable event that results in loss or, under different circumstances, could have resulted in loss. It involves material or physical injury. It is, for most of the time, preventable.

Protection of people

For us, all injuries and industry related diseases are preventable. Continuously striving to improve the health and safety of any employees, contractors and third parties impacted by our activities is a mission inseparable from our business.

The company identifies areas for improvement, abnormal behaviour and puts in place effective corrective actions.

To reflect our commitment to promoting safe work practices and a secure working environment we ensure that every employee receives the relevant training, instruction, supervision and feedback for the tasks they are expected to accomplish.

Care for the environment

For us, it is essential to maintain an excellent reputation for environmental protection.

Our activities are fully planned and performed so that adverse effects on the environment are either avoided or minimised to an acceptable level through policies and procedures.

Through teamwork, we focus on maintaining an unpolluted environment as well as safeguarding the workplace from unintentional contamination.

Through the active attitude of everyone, we strive to optimise recycling, re-use and reduction whenever possible to achieve our environmental targets.

Diamoco is responsible for ensuring their work activities do not harm their employees, others or the environment. HSE considerations are fundamentally integrated into our business decisions, plans and operations. Lessons learned from the past are always communicated. Our goals promote continual improvement towards zero incident and the prevention of pollution.