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 DIAMOCO has the ambition to expand abroad in the field of Drilling Control Supervision and Geological & Hydrological Studies and aims to establish itself more on the international l market.
To do this, one of its assets is its team of highly qualified workers.
The Diamoco team includes individuals with degrees ranging from BTS, Masters to PhD’s, who continuously commit themselves to manufacturing and developing monitoring systems and mudlogging units.
United by their professionalism all employees work closely together to reach the highest standards and consistently satisfy the needs and expectations of its customers.
Their technical skills and expertise include oil exploration, geothermal energy, deep geological storage (gas, waste) and scientific research.
The company identifies the necessary needs in internal and external training allowing its personnel to evolve within the company.

DIAMOCO knows how to make the most of its experienced and senior collaborators who are keen to pass on their knowledge to young recruits.
A sound theoretical knowledge is also given through internal training before being put into practice on the field.
We are looking for qualified young people (technicians and engineers) with a speciality in geology, physical measurements, chemistry, mechanics and electronics. Others requirements are ambition, b personality, very good organisational skills and an eye for details.



Anybody who
   1. would like to go beyond our borders in search of a complete change of
       scenery, where routine does not exist;
   2. is a keen adventurer;
   3. an effective team worker with b interpersonal skills;
   4. responsible and able to handle multiple projects to deadline,

Your place is among us: a competitive and dedicated team, eager and proud to offer quality services and satisfy its customers.

Experience / Requirements
   1. Reasonable spoken and written English
   2. Past technical experience in wireline logging, mudlogging, coil tubing or
       other petroleum industry experience are definite assets
   3. Past experience working in remote locations for extended periods of time an asset
   4. Up-to-date safety training courses an asset (H2S, First Aid, CPR)
   5. Newly qualified people accepted

   Technical University degree or College diploma preferred. Will consider candidates with high level of field experience in lieu of technical

   1. Please send us resume in confidence to :email
   2. Candidates selected will then be invited to a company presentation and will be interviewed individually.